Press Through the Mess

This morning there is a huge mess behind me. If I were to type from the other end of my kitchen table I would not be able to string words together. I’d probably need a paper bag to breathe into instead. We emptied our boys’ bedrooms so that we could paint them a color they […]

Daily Delusions

It bothers me that I need the Lord every day because I don’t necessarily have time for Him every day. Not the quality time I imagine everyone else spends with Him. I have this picture of my spiritual heroes up at 4am sipping their hot beverage with their Bibles on their beautiful wrap-around porch overlooking […]

The Daily Dilemma

Babies are created pretty much the same way they were long before our grandparents had stories to tell. Science has come up with some creative ways to vary the process, but it’s the same recipe. A+B always = C. I love recipes like that. Regardless of where or when our kids are born, their basic […]

Mercy’s Mess

Sometimes the mess I’m in seems too big to ever get out of. It’s overwhelming and I don’t know where to even start. Defeat sets in and before I know it, one day melts into the next and I don’t know if I even care anymore. I remember feeling that way when I hit what […]