Lilacs and High School Graduations

Spring is a teenage drama queen. It was only two weeks ago that I drove through a snowstorm. Two days ago it was in the low 90’s. It’s the kind of thing that drives me crazy because I was raised on the West Coast where temperatures are slightly more predictable. I like predictable. However, I’ve […]

How Can Anything Grow in This Hard Season?

Hello. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on the blog because I’ve been in Fantasyland. Literally. Sadly, the Disney vacation is over and it’s time to dig back into reality. Sometimes you don’t know just how much you need a break because your crazy normal is all you know. It was soooo nice to escape […]

He Trusts Me Too

Yesterday I told you about my adventures as a new bride moving from California to Texas with a truckload of love and little else. After only one meeting with the university admissions office, our hopes had been smashed. Shame quickly made itself very comfortable. There was plenty of room for guilt as well.  Resentment replaced […]

Anything Can Happen

Trust has been the theme for this week’s post because I’m smack dab in the middle of an intense trust session. Again. I wish these posts could be all about you and I could write from a ‘been there, done that’ perspective, but that would be a nasty imitation. I don’t know about you, but […]

A Pattern of Trust

This morning I woke up with this movie quote running through my head: “Trust is the basis of any relationship.” It took me awhile to remember exactly which classic John Hughes movie from the 80’s vault this quote came from, but I was pretty sure it was from someone who shouldn’t be trusted. The words […]