Declaration of Dependence

It’s ‘Back to School’ time where I live. Part of me is a little jealous that my boys are still hangin’ around instead of hopping on a bus every morning. We home school which means they’re always home and that I’m supposed to provide an education. That’s where it gets tricky and sticky. Let’s just say that certain subjects provide slightly more drama than they would in a traditional classroom setting.

Imagine having to prepare a feast for distinguished guests where you’ve been told that no one likes the same food. Each guest has his or her own ‘food issues’ and you, the chef, have to accommodate each one. Going hungry is not an option. Serving dessert only is not an option. If your guests don’t eat, you’re in BIG trouble. They won’t be able to function well at their jobs if you don’t serve them well. Oh, and you need to serve these guests in your home…you know, the one you can’t seem to keep clean to save your life? Yeah, the banquet hall with all the fancy tables, matching linens and fine china is already booked. It’s all on you baby!

Homeschooling is not for everyone. Most days I’m not sure if it’s for me, but I know with everything in me that it’s what the Lord has asked me to do. You can be sure that I’ve asked him for a different plan more than once. Apparently he’s really into his plan. There’s an enormous amount of pressure put upon me by me to be the best homeschooling mother in the history of ever. I am the perfect homeschool mom…and then I wake up.

True confession? We have never had a perfect school day in our entire home school lives. This is our fifth year. That means five, count them FIVE! years of failure. FIVE years of me not living up to my image of what a successful educational environment should look like and FIVE looooong years of my kids not measuring up to the impossible. We’ve been at it for FIVE years and still haven’t found the magic formula that works for us. Nobody sings a happy working song while they do their math.

This year has to be different.

This year I’m lowering the bar.

This year I’m committing to not doing it right because my way hasn’t been working.

This year we’re going to celebrate and acknowledge victories that may seem small to me, but are GIGANTIC for my students and allow enough to be enough.

This year I am going to be a better mom because I’m going to stop comparing myself to ‘successful’ homeschool moms.

This year I will extend grace and mercy to myself because it empowers me to love those entrusted to me better.

This year I will trust that the One who calls me is faithful. He knows my weaknesses and asks me to partner with Him anyway. I declare my complete dependence on Him.

This year I will ask for help. I cannot do it all by myself.

This year I will rest in knowing that this is a process and not an overnight experiment.

This year I will marvel in the power of grace that turns our weaknesses into strengths for the glory of His Name!

I’d love to hear from you today. Do you have kids going back to school? Do you want things to be different this year regardless of whether they do school in a classroom or at the kitchen table? This year can be different. Make your declaration of dependence today here on the blog. I’m going to print mine out so that I can be reminded every few minutes.

We can have a different year starting today!

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.-Psalm 32:8 NIV


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  1. Shawna

    This year I am going to learn for myself what being a mom is all about.
    I will no longer just watch the parent thing from the sidelines.
    I will have a chance to test all my theoretical opinions about parenting and see if any of them are more than a load of crap!
    I will be teachable and willing to admit i am wrong.
    I will have grace for the mistakes I know I will make.
    I will not compare myself with all the other mom’s who seem to do it better (at least I will try).

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