I’m Learning A Lot From Pooh

Once upon a time there was a bear with very little brain named Winnie the Pooh who wandered over to Rabbit’s house for something sweet. Rabbit reluctantly invited Pooh to stay for lunch. After Pooh had eaten all of Rabbit’s honey, he decided it was time to go.

He tried to leave the way he came, but he could not. He remained stuck–a wedged bear in a great tightness. In a word, irremovable.

No matter how hard Pooh’s friends pulled and tugged they could not free him. There was only one thing to do. Wait for him to get thin again.


I’ve been waiting to write on this blog hoping that I would be un-stuck from the last post. Each evening I go to bed believing that tomorrow will be different only to wake up in the same place. For me, that place is very tired. Most days it’s tired with a heavy dose of brain fog and often a side of muscle pain. Words like ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ and ‘fibromyalgia’ are used to explain this rabbit’s door.

I don’t like feeling stuck. In fact, I’ve always thought that it would have been better if Christopher Robin had pushed Pooh back into Rabbit’s house where he could at least be comfortable. That would have merciful, but nooooo, Rabbit wouldn’t have anything to do with it. Instead, he left Pooh stuck in the hole so that everyone could see his shame. Remember how he turned Pooh’s south side into a moose?

Rabbit knew that if Pooh were made comfortable he would never do what he needed to get un-stuck. For Pooh, that meant losing a few pounds.

For me, it means rest and more supplements than I care to discuss.

Turns out that I’m not very good at rest…which is probably what got me into this mess in the first place.  While the majority of people in January are resolving to be more active,  I am in the process of learning to rest. I DON’T LIKE IT ONE SINGLE BIT. Like Pooh, I feel like everyone can see my shame.

In order for Pooh to get un-stuck he needed to stay away from the sticky stuff, but he couldn’t do it alone. He needed Christopher Robin to cheer him on and give him hope. He needed Kanga to nurture him. He needed Eeyore because he didn’t have all the answers. He needed Piglet to reassure him that he’d be there for him no matter what. He needed Owl to be wise and he desperately needed Rabbit’s tough love to make him stick to the plan.

I’m learning a lot from Pooh. I need God, my husband, my family, my doctor, my dear friends, and I need you.

Thanks for sticking around with me.










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  1. hisglorygirl

    Awwww….Pooh. As much as I’d like to be a Rabbit for you or a responsible adult to just cut a bigger hole, for goodness sake, I’m more comfortable just being Piglet 🙂 Love you so much, right where you are! Praying for you and believing that freedom and release are right around the corner, and hopefully, through a bigger hole!!!

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