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My husband is training for a half-marathon. This means he runs several times per week. (I do not run. Not even if I’m being chased by a T-Rex. I am laying down and letting that sucker have me for lunch.) It’s the middle of summer in Iowa which means it’s hot and humid. Any running has to be done early in the morning before he leaves for work or there will be no running, just dying. This means I get sent to bed at 9:30pm even though it’s not a school night and it’s summer break and I am a grown up. Because running is his drug.

In order to cope with my early bedtime and not become overly bitter, I have been reading more than usual. Books are my drug. Some teach, some inspire. A few challenge. Others draw me into a story and allow me to escape my own for a few minutes. It feels indulgent, but I am a grown-up and therefore allowed to do grown-up things. Especially during summer break. When it’s not even a school night.

Allow me to introduce you to some friends I made this summer.








I enjoyed each and every one of these. In fact, I’m planning to jump into the Fast Metabolism Diet next week even though I read it a few weeks ago. It requires a serious commitment that I knew I couldn’t make until after getting through some important social events. Bridal showers and weddings are not conducive to healthy food choices. Unless you consider cake a healthy food choice. If you do, we’re probably good friends.

Sparkly Green Earrings was read AFTER I read Nobody’s Cuter Than You (Not pictured because it was a gift for a friend and I had to read it before I could give it to her. That’s the kind of friend I am.). Melanie Shankle is adorable. So many laugh out loud moments. My husband was super annoyed by my laughing during his House bingeing which made it even sweeter. I’m ordering The Antelope in the Living Room as soon as my husband gets paid because his race isn’t until September. Hold me.

Heart Made Whole was basically a crash cart for my heart. (House has made me a medical wizard. I’m available for 2nd opinions.) I filled many journal pages while reading this one. Kleenex is not optional. BUY THIS BOOK.

A Million Little Ways. Oh man. I adore Emily Freeman. This one is especially good for creative/artist types struggling to find their worth and all the messy struggle that comes with being made in the image of the One who knows us best. I passed it on to another creative/artist and am having a BLAST watching her create again.

What Alice Forgot was a HUGE risk for me because I had never read anything by this author. PLUS I sort of only read books by authors I’ve read before which makes it really hard to find new books to read. I know, I know. I am loyal to the core. I have trouble making new friends because I feel like my other friends are going to feel bad. But sometimes a girl has to branch out! I stood in the book aisle at Target and whispered, “Lord, help this  be a decent book…” Alice did not disappoint. I MADE A NEW FRIEND! It is important to celebrate the small things around here.

Moving Mountains. I love John Eldredge. I want him to be my pastor even though he’s not a pastor. This one is about prayer. It’s challenging me in a way that I’m not quite ready to write about yet. The last couple of years have been brutal and Jesus still loves me. That is all.

See Me. Oh Nick Sparks, please never ever stop writing. If you like him, you like him. If you don’t, you don’t. This one has a happy ending. Sometimes you need to know that with Nick. Or maybe that’s just my mom.

What have you been reading this summer? I’m ready for a new book and 9:30pm comes way too early when it’s not even a school night during summer break.

Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. I’ve missed you.




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  1. Shawna

    I love this! I wish i had time for reading but that time will come again… Not on the season… But i totally get the author thing…i have a hard time branching out… Really hard… You are better than me!

  2. hisglorygirl

    It is so so so so good to see you writing again! Please keep going. And do include book posts in the future. I loved reading your thoughts on these books. Moving Mountains is going on my to-read list 🙂

    1. Nichole

      Thank you for praying for me! Your prayers slay dragons.

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