Our Daring Adventure Begins

A few months ago Matthew asked if I really believed God would take care of us if he quit his job and stepped out in faith to move closer to family out west and do something different. I said, “Of course God will take care of us. He always has. But maybe we should fast and pray about it for a couple of months just to make sure.” The dude was starting to scare me. By lunchtime the next day he had given notice at work. It was done.

The thing I know about my man is that he takes his own sweet time about everything. We dated for NINE years before getting married.

N I N E.

He doesn’t just wake up one day and make big changes. Nope. He prays, he looks at it from all different angles and beats the thing nearly to death. When he decides to do something though, you’d better hang on because he’s all in. There’s no going back. And that’s where we are today. We’ve strapped ourselves in for a Daring Adventure with God to see where he wants to take us. It’s bound to get a little crazy, but we have faith for today. We’ll get what we need tomorrow. Ready, set, let’s go.

  1. {Special thanks to Kelly Rieger for giving me the gift that inspired our #DaringAdventure2017}

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  1. Dianne Singleton

    Adventure sounds so romantic in theory, it looks so inspiring in the movies, but as you so honestly shared through this blog in real life it rarely makes sense to others and only sometimes makes sense to us in real time. But this blog gives me hope that adventure will lead us to a place of understanding as we step out that we would not see otherwise.

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